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Cute teacher gift

Our school PTO does a collection just before Winter Break for the teachers, and the parents send in money to be added to a gift card. Then each teacher’s card is filled up and given to them to use on school supplies that they would otherwise have to pay for. It’s an awesome idea that I fully support, but I wanted my kids to give their teacher a little something more. Thanks to pinterest, where I get pretty much every creative idea I ever have, I decided to help them write a book called What We Would Get You If We Had A Million Dollars.

The most precious thing to me is the responses inside so I’m going to share them here.

“I would like to give her the biggest car of all and she could drive it!” – Olivia
“I would buy her a fire engine!!” – Perrin

“A book that has horses in it.” – Olivia
“A lot of fire engines!” – Perrin

“I think I’ll get her a dollhouse and some dolls.” – Olivia
“Paper please!” – Perrin

“I want to give her a tv and wii remote like ours.” – Olivia
“A truck that throws gravel.” – Perrin

“A teensy weensie dinosaur and it should be red, my favorite color.” – Olivia
“Umm, a rabbit. Hop! Hop! Hop!” – Perrin

“A hinker tinker toy.” – Olivia
“Something that’s round like my wrench. My hammer would be better. Okay?” – Perrin

“A clock like mine and it should be a toy clock.” – Olivia
“A plate with a donut on it.” – Perrin

“A click clock mouse.” – Olivia
“A bike with a flashlight on it.” – Perrin

The only thing it cost me was a little bonding time with my kids, which I think I needed as much as them today, and some paper.

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