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Random foodie rambles

Just a few things about what I’ve done with food over the week that have worked well for us.

I made mushroom jus the other day, which was something I saw on Take Home Chef. I served it over my pot roast and it was so delicious. I could eat it everyday! I was eating the meat off the kids’ plates when they were done because I didn’t want it to be thrown away. For something that’s used as a sauce, though, it made a lot. I wasn’t about to dump it out so I stuck it in the fridge and saved it.

Today, I used the mushroom jus with onion, zucchini, carrot, and celery and made a soup with it for lunch. I wasn’t disappointed, once again.

Yesterday morning, I made chicken breasts for breakfast. I marinated them in honey dijon dressing and wrapped them in bacon and they were delicious. Hubby couldn’t finish his so I stuck it in the fridge. As usual, he said he’d take it to work and forgot, so I cut it up and mixed it with homemade mayo, a bit of mustard, onion, and celery and served it on homemade crescent rolls.

Unfortunately, hubby burned what was left of the crescent rolls in the toaster oven this morning, because that would have been excellent with the soup, but that’s okay.

Since I had so much mayo for a little bit of chicken salad, I made potato salad too. Since half the family was away for dinner last night, we still have about half of a large bowl of it, so tonight when we have beans and rice, kid 3 will have potato salad, which she loves. She hates anything resembling a bean, other than lentils.

So that’s what’s up with my kitchen this week!

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