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Cake 3: hello kitty

The cake stuff is coming along just fine. Yesterday I had my first request, though it wasn’t anything specific, so I made a hello kitty cake out of devil’s food cake and iced it with a piping bag and star tip. She was thrilled. She just got out of the hospital and it really lifted her spirits.

Tonight I am doing a St. Patrick’s Day themed sixteenth birthday cake for a friend of kid #1’s. She waited until tonight to ask and it’s the guy’s 16th, so how do I say no? I am not pleased that she sat on this request for 2 weeks, though. He needs it by 4 p.m. tomorrow. I’ll do it and wish him a happy day but grumble, grumble. I hoped I could sleep tonight. Oh well.

In other news, kid 5 has really been trying hard to walk and has taken steps many times. He can walk with a flimsy dollar store shopping cart so it’s mostly a confidence issue, but he’s getting there.

He also used a fork successfully last night to eat steak. This is such a huge weight lifted because I have been so worried about how he’d feed himself. He still needs a lot of work but what a huge leap!

I finally have sleeping toddlers and a kitchen I can work in so off I go. I will try to attach a photo of the last cake from my iPod.


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