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That’s laughable.

Those that have followed me from livejournal know the saga of my mother- and sister-in-law and those that didn’t have picked up on small mentions of it.

I manage to get along with them by ignoring most of what they say. If I take it to heart, I just get angry. Today they had me trying not to laugh out loud, though.

Sister-in-law went to some new cupcake place that charges $2.50 for a cupcake. She brought them to my mother-in-law’s and had everyone try them. I didn’t eat any because I’m sick of cake, but hubby said it was overrated.

In the course of this, they kept trying to talk me in to opening a cupcake business. MIL’s bright idea was that they could help out and my mom could help out and we would all get rich.

I don’t want a cupcake business. I don’t really care about the inside of the cake. I want it to taste appetizing and make people happy but it isn’t what drives me. I like taking a cake as a base and using edible clay to make art. You can’t do the same thing with cupcakes. Not like that anyway.

It doesn’t interest me. It isn’t the point of what I am trying to accomplish. I can’t see myself spending 30 years or more squirting dollops of frosting on cupcakes all day and all night. That may be another person’s ideal career but not mine.

In my state, selling food is hard. There are so many rules. I doubt anyone will arrest you for selling a cake here and there but there are big fines for anyone that sells prepared food without various building codes (like a triple sink) and a sanitation license. I live in a rental. I would need a building away from my home.

I don’t have credit, collateral, a business model, or anything else. I don’t need it because I don’t want to sacrifice my time with my family to make cupcakes around the clock.

What? So we can get rich? You won’t. Period.

MIL can’t stand long enough to bake a roast because her weight is so hard on her knees. How is she going to help?

SIL can’t cook.

My mom has numerous health problems, would never take orders from me, and can’t work even if she could handle it (she can’t) because she is on social security.

So I would be left holding the bag on a business I didn’t want, working day and night, and not taking care of my family.

SIL said something like “that’s what having a job is.” If I am going to start a business, it isn’t going to be something that is thankless and boring and takes years to turn a profit. I’ll do something I like.

I swear, this is why I don’t listen to them. They hear what they want to hear and nothing more and then they don’t let up, ever.

I will continue to make cakes until I am good enough to sell them and then I will do a few at a time. I don’t need to get rich, hire help, or lock myself in to something I don’t care about this way.

On with the cake!! You want to sell cupcakes, then get baking!

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