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Catching up

Kid 5 woke up oddly on Friday. He was completely zoned out with glassy eyes and dilated pupils but he was hiccuping for a good 30 seconds in the same way a kid does if they are crying really hard. It could be nothing. He could have been dreaming. He also could have been seizing. Since I don’t know what it was, I called the doctor Friday. It took until today to set it all up but he has a sleep-deprived EEG Friday morning. Then they will call with any abnormal results but we follow up with the neuro April 4th.

Hubby hit a small animal on the way home last night. It cracked the bumper and moved the radiator back 3 inches so the new car that we have had less than a month is in the shop. Good thing we have good insurance. I am not upset with hubby. It’s a country road. It happens. I am annoyed with Chevy, though. I know cars are made to crumple and blah blah but I would expect it to be able to handle a large rodent!

In the process of this, we also have rental car coverage on our insurance, so we intended to use it. Hubby set something up with Enterprise, then they tried to get us to pay a deposit. On an auto insurance claim? No. So he threatened to go to hertz and they offered to waive that. So we get to the office and they don’t have a car. They are supposed to call when one comes. Three hours go by, hubby calls, and still no car. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Nobody knows.

So hubby sets something up with hertz and calls back to cancel with enterprise. The guy launched into a guilt trip, then a speech about how our insurance has a contract with both rental companies so how dare they play favorites. It’s not favoritism. It’s a dissatisfied customer. We don’t intend to wait until the car is repaired to get a rental.

If I ever find myself renting a car for another reason, like vacation, I’m calling hertz.

I guess that’s all I have right now but that’s the important stuff.

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