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You get what you pay for

Almost 2 years ago, we bought a king-sized bed. We couldn’t afford a high end one so we took a clearanced floor model. It seemed firm and all four of us fit.

I am a believer in co-sleeping when the children are tiny. I still had two nurslings and expected many years of nightmares and thunderstorms to come.

Plus, hubby was close to 300 pounds at the time. A full-sized bed wasn’t cutting it anyway.

With tax included, we paid around $800 for box spring, mattress, and metal frame. The other beds started at that without tax so it seemed like a good deal.

Then I got home.

It felt like laying on the floor. My hips hurt. I had headaches. My back stung from tight muscles, and it was awful.

Eventually I adapted, or so I thought. Sleep, when not being crushed by two growing toddlers, hasn’t been bad. They are in their own room now but some nights that doesn’t last.

Kid 4 had a nighttime accident last week and we weren’t willing to stay up with a hair dryer. We blotted it with a towel and flipped the mattress. It feels like brand new again!

That would be worth bragging about if the floor weren’t more comfortable. I know you’re supposed to flip them monthly but I didn’t so here we are…

Lesson learned, again. Next time I will be more careful with my bargain shopping. Sometimes you get a great deal.

This time, I didn’t.

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