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Thrift Store Haul

We took kid 5 to the mall today to walk with his walker. This particular mall doesn’t have much in it, and it’s not the kind of mall where you walk around window shopping, so the corridors are fairly empty.

Two things this mall does have are a used book store and a Salvation Army thrift store. I stopped at both. The book store is just fun to look through and the Salvation Army was because I have gained more weight and my pants don’t fit.

At the book store, I got 2 murder mysteries, 2 quilting magazines, a Scooby Doo movie and 8 children’s books, and hubby got 2 woodworking books, all for $13. One of these was the Disney hardcover version of Prince and the Pauper.

At the Salvation Army, we got 2 pairs of jeans for me for $4 each, a pair for kid 4 for $2, 4 vhs movies for 79 cents each and another (South Pacific) for a quarter. There seems to have been something else too but I forgot what it was.

Then we packed the little ones up in Mike Tyson (our van) and headed over to Goodwill. There, I got a pair of jeans for $3, a pair of dress pants for $2, 2 pieces of fabric to make formal dresses for $2.99 each, 5 sewing patterns for 50 cents each, a bottle of window cleaner and a box of sandwich bags for $1 each, and a yellow dress for kid 4 to wear on Easter for $2.

All of those things are a big score, but it gets better. When I got home, I measured the fabric. One is a purple fabric that would retail at Joann’s for about $6 a yard. Remember, I got the whole piece for $2.99. It turns out that it was 3 3/4 yards so that breaks down to 79 cents a yard. The other fabric was silver taffeta with sparkles on it that normally retails for $7 a yard or so and again, it was $2.99. It was 2 1/2 yards so that’s $1.19 a yard!

Plus, as I’m looking through the patterns, I’m reminded of the best part of buying used patterns for 50 cents. Someone else already did the labor of cutting the pattern out. I absolutely hate doing that and I don’t have to!

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