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Petition to keep a cold-blooded killer in prison

It has been 35 years since my family was whole. 

It has been 35 years since my family didn’t have a sad spot over it.

Even for those of us that weren’t even born yet, it still affects us. Fear of working in a gas station, sadness when we pass that gas station, wondering how our entire family’s dynamic would have been different.

Thirty-five years ago today, my cousin Randy, along with another teenage boy, were working the evening shift at a gas station. My cousin was working to save up money to pay for a car. The other boy was working because the sports program had been cut from school and he didn’t have anything else to do. They paid the ultimate price that Christmas Eve. We all paid.

The son and brother that was lost, the cousin (in my case) that was lost, his parents that moved to Florida because it was too painful to stay. Things would have been so different. Or we think, anyway. We never got the chance to find out. He never got the chance to graduate and have a family. He’d probably have grandchildren by now. All of those potential lives that were snuffed out before they even came to exist…

Due to a loophole in the law at the time, the man that went into that gas station, left, then went back, shot them execution-style and left them there to die, is up for parole every one to three years, depending on behavior. It’s typically every year. Those that have known me for a while are familiar with this story. Others probably aren’t. At any rate, each year this murderer that killed our family members is brought up for parole; the same murderer that killed two young men and went to Christmas Eve dinner at his sister’s as if nothing happened. He gets a possible chance at freedom once a year. Luckily, he has never passed the parole board. Luckily this dangerous man, probably made even more dangerous by the prison system, has never been allowed to go free. He never should. My cousin and the other young man sure didn’t get to. 

So if you’d please consider signing this petition to keep Dale Dean Finch behind bars, my family and the other family would most definitely appreciate it. You don’t have to be local to sign, though it might be available only to US residents. Thank you.

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