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Christmas weekend

The celebration of Hanukkah for our family is going well. It’s something that only lasts a few minutes each evening, but it’s something that brings our entire family together and that has been my favorite part of this experience so far.

Tomorrow also marks the start of Christmas, as it is Christmas Eve. I have some crafts to catch up on before I have to give them as gifts on Sunday so whatever isn’t done tonight will have to be done tomorrow. I also hope to make cookies with the kids to leave for Santa and to put out for the rest of us on Christmas Day. I have some food prep to do for both the lunch I intend to cook for my immediate family and for the dinner we’re going to at my mother-in-law’s on Christmas night. I personally think that when someone says they don’t want to cook Christmas dinner for everyone, that asking them to bring 5 dishes kind of defeats the purpose but it’s Christmas and I’ll bite my tongue.

Tomorrow night, we will put the cookies out for Santa and write him a letter. Then when all of the kids are in bed, we’ll pull the presents out from the corner of the living room where they’re safe from little hands, in the corner where the couches meet, and we’ll put them in the dining room. “Santa” will visit as well, and a note will be left for the kids to see in the morning. Then hubby and I will spend a little time together, perhaps drink a glass of wine, and head to bed, because it’s going to be an early morning.

Luckily, he managed to get both days off of work. His line of work doesn’t guarantee holidays off but the rotation of the schedule was very kind to us this year.

Sunday will include the family opening gifts, then having lunch together, and then heading to town to have the bigger dinner.

Then it’s all over for another year. The holiday really built up, effort-wise, this year for me. Mostly because I started shopping and working on it so early.

In addition to Hanukkah and the first day of Kwanzaa on the 26th, I’ll try to sit down and write a list of people I need to make gifts for in the next year. This coming year, I think I’ll actually accomplish it all. Especially with better quilting skills. So that will be my New Year’s Resolution – that each of my loved ones gets something handmade by me for next Christmas.

Well, that’s not right either because to make it for each of my loved ones, I’d have to send a couple hundred gifts all over the world. If you’re reading this, you’re also one of my loved ones. My Facebook list, my Twitter list, my Livejournal friends… I’ve come to think of most everyone as family in a sense. I wish I could send each and every one a small gift to show my love but hopefully I express it enough with word and deed otherwise that it will be sufficient.

As for the rest, I’ll make a list and do my very best to stick with it this year. We’ll see.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my gifts this year (you’re probably not), I am getting a new sewing machine for sure, and I was also blessed already by dear friends that sent me bacon socks, hand cream, Scentsy, and an Applebee’s gift card but my favorite gift is the togetherness that was allowed due to my husband’s job. Also, when Kid 4 asked what she could give me for Christmas, I told her I only wanted a hug. That’s true. That’s all I need.

And to each of you, no matter what you celebrate, I also offer you imaginary hugs. Happy holidays.

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