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Funny stories

I woke up at 5:00 because kid 5 was in my bed, yelling. I don’t know how he got there, though I’d assume it was hubby. He wasn’t yelling in anger. He was just awake and ready to go. I missed a dose of medicine earlier in the day and I think it really affected his sleep last night.

Anyway, I looked over and he was on all 4’s, leaning over hubby’s face. He was yelling in his face, telling him that he loves soccer balls and his grandpa gave him a soccer ball and he wants a purple one. The thing that really kills me is the way he’ll pause between sentences and say “Umm…” It lost its funny aspect when he started headbutting me in the spine but at first, I could only giggle. We eventually calmed him and gave him some water and he slept another 3 hours, at which point he woke up farting.

Then at about 8:30, kid 4 woke up. I didn’t hear her call for me or anything of that nature. It was only “I MADE A REALLY BIG FART!”

Kids crack me up.

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