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Please help.

I know we’re all hit up for donations all the time for this or that, and especially this time of year. By the time we drop money into the Salvation Army tin, send money for the homeless, give to needy kids, and help with other random things that come up online, we’re strapped. I completely understand that, but if you could please take a moment to look at this, it would be great.

Ken’s sister, Melanie, has been my friend for about three years now. She was at my wedding. When my uncle was dying, she mailed me concealed cash to try to help me get there for his funeral (which I didn’t make it to because he ended up having a private burial so I donated the money to cancer research instead). When I flipped out about potatoes because I so badly missed my deceased father, she listened. She didn’t laugh. She told me how much she misses her mom’s potatoes too, and I didn’t feel so alone. She has been an amazing friend, and she is an even more amazing, wife, daughter, sister, and mom.

She lost her mom a few months ago and her brother-in-law a few months before that. She has had enough loss. I want nothing more than for her to be able to sit around a campfire, laughing with her brother in 30 years. She deserves a break.

Not to mention, so does he. No 27 year old should have to face his mortality so soon. No 27 year old should be in that much pain. It’s just not right.

So if you could please click the link and read it over, pass it on, and donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

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