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Friday Night Foodie: Thanksgiving edition

Okay, so we’re celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday because my husband has to work on Thanksgiving, but I thought I’d share my menu with you (mostly in an effort to let you know I’m still alive).

mashed potatoes
‘candied’ butternut squash
scalloped corn
salad (my mom’s bringing this)
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie (I’m using butternut squash but don’t fret – that’s what’s really in canned pumpkin pie filling anyway)
apple pie
eggnog cake

It’s all pretty basic and at least fringes on traditional. I got a 16 pound turkey on sale for  $12 tonight, along with a duck. I cook the turkey and the duck side by side in the roaster oven, because the grease from the duck moistens the turkey. There’s really only two people in the whole family (a total of 9 of us for the holiday) that will eat duck itself but one of them is a binge eater and the other is a teenager. It won’t go to waste.

My landlord’s wife gave us a stack of butternut squash, which is why you see that instead of pumpkin and sweet  potato. I love free.

My mom doesn’t stand like she used to. She gets worn out and it’s hard on her, so she can sit at the table to cut up a salad, which is why I always have her bring that.

I make my pies from scratch. Same with my cranberry sauce. They taste better that way. The cake was something I saw on someone else’s pininterest yesterday.

The rolls were on the day-old shelf at wal-mart for $1.47.

I think everything else is self-explanatory but feel free to ask if you want to.

I’m excited to cook for the big meal but what I’m really excited for is not having anything in the way of me decorating for Christmas. As far as I’m concerned, when that bird goes in the fridge, Fall is over. Break out the red and green (and blue and silver – we decorate somewhat for Hanukkah too, and no, we’re not Jewish, we’re just accepting of others).

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