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Anniversary recap and movie review

We really had a lovely anniversary date. It was nice to spend time alone together. We don’t get to do that nearly enough. My mom watched two kids and my cousins-in-law watched the other three. Actually Kid 1 did most of the work with kids 4 & 5 but we had adults overseeing her to make sure she didn’t let her mind wander into her ipod or something.

My cousins-in-law happen to live in the same neighborhood my husband lived in when we met, so it was a nice trip down memory lane as we went to our dinner destination. We passed the place where we used to go to breakfast every week. We drove down the road that would lead us to the Denny’s where we used to hang out at night. It was really nice.

We had a nice dinner, though it was definitely overpriced. We both ordered the $16.99 pick 2 deal at TGI Fridays, and a mojito. I had the fried green beans, Jack Daniels chicken, roasted veggies, and parmesan steak fries. I couldn’t finish the veggies and left a steak fry because I was so full. Hubby had potstickers and cajun chicken and shrimp pasta, and a second mojito. We managed to not talk about the kids too much and he gazed into my eyes while we held hands, just like he used to do when he wanted to get into my pants when we first met.

I drove to the movie because the hubby couldn’t. We saw A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. The 3D stuff was really neat. It looked like the snow was really coming down and the smoke rings were coming at us. The movie, honestly, wasn’t that great.

Part of it was that I’ve gotten a lot older since the series started and that kind of humor isn’t as funny to me. The other part of it is that they’ve gotten a lot older too and there’s only so many places they can go with it. Neil Patrick Harris was hilarious as he always is in those movies and there were a lot of funny parts but there were also some parts regarding a baby on drugs that made me cringe. Very tasteless. I really think they’ve exhausted Harold and Kumar and I hope they’ll just let the movies die a peaceful death now.

This movie would be better rented, but if you do, make sure you do it when your kids aren’t around. I don’t care if I see a penis stuck to a pole or Santa delivering a fatty, but you might care if your kids are awake.

Kid 5 did pretty well with being left without us. He whimpered here and there but he didn’t freak out. It probably helped that kid 1 was there. Otherwise I’m sure he would have screamed for sure. We had about 4 hours alone, though, and it was nice to be able to regroup as a couple. Anniversary or not, I think that’s important, especially when you’re parents.

Next year, we’re thinking we’ll go back to the hotel that we stayed at on our wedding night and we’ll just order a pizza. For what we paid for dinner, we could have done that anyway. For this year, though, we had a wonderful time and I’m so thankful for that… even if the movie did suck.


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