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A Thank You and Exercise Talk

For anyone that was able to donate (and even if you weren’t but you sent positive vibes) for Snow and Matt and their vow renewal, thank you. The event was a success, I’m told. The bride and groom looked smashing, and the photographer made it there on time, after raising even more money than she had hoped. The cake and flowers worked out without a hitch, as well. They really had an amazing day, from what I understand, so thank you again.


I’m still hanging in there with yoga, and really getting the hang of the sequence of the video. Last night I tried a Pilates and Yoga combination video for something a little more strenuous and I really liked it. I’ve been stiff all day because of it, but that will fade a little more each day as I stick with it.

We have eaten a lot of crap the past couple of days, but that will change. We have a refrigerator full of groceries and a menu ready to go.

Louie is still hanging in there with Weight Watchers and the Points Plus version of it. I don’t know what he even took for lunch today when he went to work but he hasn’t gone over his points at all. We had salad for lunch, so I think he should be okay, even if he took something with a lot of points to work.

I do need to buy more fruit, though. I shopped at Wal-Mart and they wanted like $1.38 for pears. I can get them at a local place called Valli Produce for 49 cents a pound right now. Other produce isĀ comparable, also. I’m going to be going right past there Monday anyway, so I’ll stop then.

All in all, the change in our habits is still going fairly smoothly. I’m still sucking down as much Pepsi as I ever was, though. That’s the hard part for me. I really don’t care for water and I have an aversion of drinking from plastic cups, so it becomes too easy to just grab a can. I have to work on that next. For now, though, we’ve taken small steps and I feel a lot better because of it.

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