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Making lemons into lemonade

One of my closest friends is renewing her wedding vows Saturday before her husband re-deploys. He just got home last month after a year. Originally, she mentioned that she was sad that her original wedding was tainted with such poor photography, so one of her other friends stepped up and said she’d do the photos for free, and she would trade services with a florist and baker she knew. She’d take photos for them to use in their advertisements and she’d use the photos in her portfolio. A cake was decided on. A facebook invitation was created, because it was to be a very small affair. The photographer RSVP’d yes in June and then never responded to attempts to be contacted after that, either on a personal or professional level.

Cue 4 days before the vow renewal (yesterday) and the photographer spits out a bunch of excuses as to why she didn’t get notice and she’s doing it grudgingly, and tells my friend she canceled the baker and florist but she guesses they can do it anyway. Sounds to me like she got a paying gig and just doesn’t want to do this one.

Several of us got together on Facebook. We have flowers coming to her house tomorrow, a cake ordered, plans in the works for putting together the flowers when they get there, and even a photographer that is willing to use the photos for her portfolio in exchange for gas money.

Here’s where I can use your help. I know money is tight for everyone, so if you can’t give, it’s okay. No need to explain. If you can, though, please imagine yourself in her shoes. This was supposed to outdo her original wedding and she finds out just days before that the majority of the services for the wedding are only going to be done with resentment, and the person doesn’t want to do them at all.

So if you have anything to spare, even five dollars, it would be awesome if you could contribute some gas money toward the photographer. Again, it’s okay if you can’t, but if you can, you’ll be a part of an amazing group of women from all over the world, getting together to give our “sister” a beautiful day. Japan, Italy, Canada, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Hawaii, and more have already been added to the list of locations that have come together to help one person with her special day.

Here is the link if you can add yourself to that list of people.

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