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I can do boring…

Ground beef is on sale for $2.49 a pound.

It’s 49 degrees outside.

There are 18 days until Olivia’s birthday.

I ate cake for breakfast.

The walls are white.

This is what you’re left with when I interject no opinion or emotion. I’m assuming nobody signed on to read a list of basic facts, but since I’m being pushed into a corner with no safe space to write my feelings, good and bad, including places specifically designed for writing about certain topics that have a huge impact on my life, this is what you’re left with.

Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m hurt. Yes, I feel shut down. Do I care that this is going to piss someone off or stir up drama as if I’m the drama mama I was at 23? No. When it’s my space and I’m writing my feelings, I only want my friends to listen. You don’t have to say anything, supportive or otherwise. Just listen.  This is my place (much like my other online accounts are my places).

Putting myself out there and being told how to feel is not okay. Putting myself out there and being told I’m overreacting to something someone did to me is not okay. Having it happen over and over, as I dismiss online outlet after outlet to try to find somewhere to express my feelings is not okay. Not writing anything at all because knowing anything I say is going to get me chastised is not okay. I’m not exactly writing emotional pieces on feminism or anything, here. This is my everyday, and those that supposedly care about me and my life continue to tell me over and over that my everyday and the feelings that go with it are wrong.

It’s exhausting and I’m sick of it. So until I get over myself, I’d like you to know that GM’s stocks opened at 21.33 today.



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