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The thankfulness challenge

My dear friend over at Witkowski Family Happenings posted this earlier today.

Recently I read an article about a man who’s life was in the dumps; he was a good guy, trusting, helpful, a good family man, but life had dealt him some crappy cards. He was on the verge of suicide to try and shed his problems when a friend reached out with a phone call and a dinner invite. At dinner, the friend told this man that he was sorry it had taken so long, but he wanted him to know that he had always been thankful for his friendship and the impact he’d had on his life. After parting ways Mr. GoodGuy went home and decided that once a week for the next year, he was going to reach out and thank someone for their contribution to his life. One week it was a verbal thank you to a cashier who always went out of her way to help him, another week it was a letter to his young daughter thanking her for always having a smile on her face. On and on, just simple little thank you’s, verbal, written, emailed and even texted. Mr. GoodGuy found that his life had started to turn around; he found that by being grateful for the little things the big stuff around him seemed to melt away; his life became richer because of it.

I really enjoyed this article, I loved the message. Each Thursday I do a thankful Thursday post but in addition from now on, each week for the next year, I will be thanking someone who has impacted my life in some way and I’d like to challenge YOU to do it too. Maybe not for a year, maybe just start with a month…and work your way up to a year. If you’re doing this challenge, which we’ll call the Thankfulness Challenge, I’d love for you to let me know and maybe even post it on your blog with a link back to this post so we can see what kind of change for the better we’ve made. Who’s with me?

Count me in! It doesn’t seem like anything that would take any effort, really, and it could go a long way toward giving someone a boost in their lives.

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