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ENT pre-op

We saw the surgeon for Perrin’s adenoid removal. He wasn’t at all familiar with Perrin’s PVL, which I don’t like, but there aren’t a lot of options. He’s an ENT. He doesn’t exactly study brain trauma. Neither do his colleagues.

He did ask a lot of questions about what Perrin’s capable of and not capable of, so I hope that helps. He agrees that based on the fact that Perrin does snore, gasp for breath in his sleep, have a chest rattle, and sleeps with his head tilted back, the benefits for the surgery outweigh the risk or the benefit of waiting until he’s older.

I let Louie ask as many questions as he needed to, and he seems a lot more comfortable with the idea now that a real doctor spoke with him. We’ve both had very negative experiences with nurse practitioners in the past so I guess I don’t blame him. The difference was that I went in to the initial appointment last month wanting a surgery of some sort to fix what appears to be sleep apnea and poor positioning (which will cause further physical delays) and he went in thinking we’d get some magic pill or something. He had this idea that Perrin would get a cpap and we’d be done. That’s backwards from the way it really works.

Now I just hope the adenoids are enough or we’ll be revisiting surgery in a year for his tonsils. He does have large tonsils so it’s a definite possibility but I’m hoping we can put it off. At least if we can delay it for a few months beyond that, it’ll help. In a year, he’ll be starting preschool. That’s a big enough thing to adapt to without healing from surgery for 3 weeks on top of it.

So as of right now, surgery is September 6th and the post-op appointment is the 20th. I’m nervous but happy to be moving forward. It’s nice to have something that can be easily fixed for once.

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