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Bullet points

  • I may just finish those quilts on time after all. Once I got everything cut and pieced, I was able to put the backing on and start quilting. This particular quilt has 9 squares with borders around them, I’m halfway done with the fourth one.
  • Once I finish this quilt, I have the material waiting for the next one. It’s going to be twin sized with shades of pink and daisies. The pattern was something like coffin square, except I’m being lazy about the main part of the pattern and only doing one piece of fabric instead of several small squares. It’s going to have an 11″x11″ square turned at an angle with the daisy fabric, with pink triangles on each side of the daisy fabric, so it looks like the daisy is a diamond on a pink square, if that makes sense. I’ll show you all later.
  • I got the kids registered for school yesterday. It was fairly painless. There were a couple of things that I forgot to have the older kids sign that related to sports but they’re not actively involved with any at this time anyway so it doesn’t matter. I still have to get Brittany a physical for 9th grade and we need a few supplies that I haven’t found on sale yet. Otherwise, they’re ready. I know I sure am.
  • Ronald won’t be home tomorrow like we thought. His dad fell off a horse and can’t drive. This is the only time of year that I actually care if my ex falls off a horse. It couldn’t happen when he doesn’t have one of my children under his care, of course.
  • We’re going to try the AFO’s for Perrin again during the day because he’s locking his knees and at risk of joint injury as he grows. I think if I put them on him about four hours before bed and he wears them overnight, that’ll come out to around 12 hours and that will help him. I hope.


That’s all I can think of right now but now you’re caught up.

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